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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rep. Mark Olson; Trial Postponed and Getting Divorced

The Saint Cloud Times confirms that Olson, fired his attorney and asked for another trial date:

ELK RIVER — State Rep. Mark Olson expects a judge to approve a continuance Monday in his trial on charges that he assaulted his wife in November at their Big Lake Township home.

The delay is the second in the case, which was scheduled to begin Monday morning.

Olson said Sunday that he asked for the continuance from Judge Alan Pendleton because he is changing attorneys. He said the judge approved the move in chambers, but formal approval will be necessary in court because a court reporter was not present.

“It will be just a moment of process,” Olson said of today’s proceedings.

Sherburne County Attorney Kathleen Heaney confirmed the change Sunday. Her office was notified on Friday and notified witnesses, she said.

A new date for Olson’s trial will depend on what’s available on the calendar, Heaney said.
Olson declined to name his new attorney, saying he has not yet signed the agreement with the attorney.

Olson has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault. The charges stem from an incident Nov. 12 at the Olsons’ home. Olson’s wife told Sherburne County deputies that she and Mark Olson had argued and that he had pushed her to the ground three times.

Olson was scheduled to stand trial May 7, but a state law prohibits a sitting member of the Legislature to stand trial in a civil or criminal case during the legislative session. The session ended May 21.

Court records show that, since Mark Olson was charged, he and his wife have started divorce proceedings.

The House Republican caucus suspended Olson after his arrest, and some members called for his resignation. Olson vowed to continue serving his constituents in District 16B, which includes Big Lake, Becker, Zimmerman and Clear Lake.

When that divorce becomes final, Olson can resume his carefree, bachelor life:

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Meanwhile GOP 6th CD Chair, Mark Swanson is still commenting at MN Publius:

What is the worry?? That people (like Mr. Avidor) distort the truth in their natural bias. You will see that Mr. Avidor himself admits his bias on the comment page and has refrained from editing the entry due to this bias.
If you believe any of my edits are untruthful or in any way change the the facts, please identify them and I will gladly edit them to correct.

As to his question above, I don’t know of the current status for Rep. Olson’s trial, maybe your politically motivated source would care to elaborate??

As far as corrections to your mis-statements, don’t worry as you have A Transportation Expert (ATE) on your trail to correct your inaccuracies (and bias) on PRT there are many of us out there to maintain the neutrality of sites like Wikipedia.

So, Mark Swanson, the GOP 6th CD Chair didn't know at 7:55 PM, Sunday that Rep. Mark Olson had pulled a fast one on the Sherburne County Court two days earlier?

That's pathetic.


Avidor said...

It's on MnSpeak.

Markh said...

I've always wondered what Marky-Mark was singing in that photo...

I'm thinking of Marlene Dietrich in 'Destry Rides Again'....

'See vat da boyz in de backwoom vill have, und tell 'em dat I'll have da saaaaaame'