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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ron Carey Response: Supporters Brian Sullivan and Evie Axdahl Blame the Strib

From: Brian Sullivan & Evie Axdahl
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 12:26:57 -0500
To: Brian Sullivan & Evie Axdahl
Conversation: There They Go Again
Subject: There They Go Again

Dear Friend:

There they go again.

In a desperate last minute attempt to the [sic] alter the race for state Party chairman, the ultra-liberal Star Tribune has launched yet another baseless, politically motivated attack on Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey. Working hand in hand with Ron's Republican political opponents, the Star Tribune has thrown a Hail Mary pass to try and smear our chairman once again. We are certain Ron and the Party will provide a point by point response to these baseless charges in the near future. In the meantime, we wanted to express our disgust with the Star Tribune for spreading such baseless allegations.

Just days before these confidential, internal party documents appeared mysteriously under the door of the Star Tribune, a known Republican opponent of Ron's was boasting that he was in possession of these confidential documents and anxious to get them public. Documents leaked to the Star Tribune included highly confidential finance and personnel records stolen from the state Party offices. It's sad some Republicans don't care about the damage they do to our Party and conservative cause.

Make no mistake: the Star Tribune wants Ron Carey out as chairman. With a decades-long record of slanting polling against Republicans, the Star Tribune is once more falsely attacking a conservative. The Star Tribune is not simply editorializing against Republicans. It is using all of its resources to slant and distort its news coverage to smear a conservative Republican who has stood up to its radical left-wing agenda. As with any Star Tribune story about conservative Republicans, the story is short on facts and the truth is missing in action.

You may remember these two reporters from their recent hit pieces attacking Ron over his involvement helping disabled children at the Minnesota Autism Center. After the US Attorney's office stated that there is no pending criminal investigation in that matter, these two reporters did not even bother to correct their previous smear of Ron by writing a follow up.

It's clear: the Star Tribune is trying to influence our State Central Meeting on June 9th. We know for a fact that the Star Tribune has been sitting on this story for nearly a month to attack the Party and Chairman at a politically opportune time. The timing and tone of this story has everything to do with the Star Tribune's liberal political agenda.

Let's look at the record: Ron was elected two years ago as the reform candidate to solve the problems of his predecessor. The reality that the Star Tribune failed to report is that Ron quickly and effectively dealt with each legitimate issue brought to his attention, even though most of the alleged issues predated his becoming chairman or simply had no merit once investigated. Since he took office, Ron has rolled up his sleeves and worked to clean up all of the problems he inherited. Far from being the culprit, Ron has been a real leader by taking action and doing the right thing.

We cannot let the most liberal newspaper in America determine who our state Party chairman is. Ron has been an effective reformer who will best prepare our Party for victory in November 2008. Don't let the Star Tribune pick our chairman. On June 9th, stand up to the Star Tribune by voting for Ron Carey as chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

If you would like to speak with Ron regarding any of your concerns or ideas, please call him at the following telephone numbers [redacted]. You may also reach him via email at


Evie Axdahl
Republican National Committeewoman

Brian Sullivan
Republican National Committeeman


Markh said...

What a preposterous, lame-oh response to the Star Tribune story.

More evidence that the state GOP is continuing down a path toward total irrelevance.

To suggest that questions are asked about Ron Carey's leadership because he's a conservative would imply that possible challengers for his position include a few vegan, Birkenstock-wearing, anti-war, dues paying members of the ACLU/HRC/NARAL/PETA/Greenpeace.

Mr. Carey's leadership comes under question because of his own actions.

This is all a typical, pathetic response to whistle-blowing on a serious topic.

Markh said...

The Associated Press also has the story, so apparently they too are deeply interested in next weekend's party chair election.