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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Will Joe Repya Get Recruited to Run Against Norm Coleman for Republican Nomination?

I heard some buzz from a reliable source that there is a draft Repya movement.

Norm Coleman was conspicuous by his absence. My guess is that Coleman avoided this event because there were reporters from the mainstream media here, and he did not want to be taped giving the speech he'd have to give to the hard core base. He had Dan Williams speak on his behalf.

Norm Coleman's literature at the convention included an interesting bullet point:

  • Looking for ways to increase border and port security and stop illegal immigration

During the convention, I heard alot of discussion about immigration. It is definitely a hot issue with these delegates.

This record isn't going to help his with his base. It will be interesting to see if Coleman includes "build that fence" red meat to his base in future speeches at party gatherings.