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Friday, July 06, 2007

"A Birthday Wish for Michael Cavlan: Drop Out"

That's the title of a May 15th post by "Andy" on STPAULITRON:

Michael Cavlan is at it again. After taking a shellacking in last year's US Senate election, then blaming the whole thing on liberals and the peace movement, he immediately decided it was time for another go, declaring himself a candidate for US Senate once again on election night last year.
The 2008 fiasco begins next weekend, as an invitation to his first fundraiser indicates:

We're celebrating Michael Cavlan's birthday on Friday, May 25, 2007, at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis, at 25th Street and 25th Avenue South. The festivities will begin at 6:00 PM and go on til it's done. * *Michael Cavlan, the endorsed Green Party candidate for the US Senate seat in 2006 has announced his candidacy for that seat in the 2008 election. This is a fundraiser to finance the beginning of that campaign.

While it will be hard to top last year's tour with conspiracy nut Jim Fetzer or proving how down he was by dropping the n-word at the Green Party of Minnesota nominating convention in Duluth, no doubt 2008 will contain many more awful (though entertaining) rants and gaffes, most of which will be ignored by everyone but a few Greens, rads, and the peace movement faithful that Cavlan so derides.

Unfortunately, 2008 will also be another embarrassment for the Green Party of Minnesota if Greens simply hand over endorsement to Michael again because he's the only one there. While the Green Party continues to persevere (in large part thanks to the sheer ineptitude of the major parties), another endorsement of Cavlan will strike a further blow against any remaining credibility the party has left.

Cavlan responded on Green Party discussion lists and his response was posted in another post on STPAULITRON. Here's a quote:

Smearing a candidate has become par for the course within the twocorporate parties so it saddens us to see Andy Hamerlinck and by extension, Jesse Mortenson sink to the same level. We had expected better than that from fellow Greens. We will not sink to the same level. This type of smear politics we expect from the corporate parties and their
friends and allies, not from the Green Party. Our campaign and Jesse Mortenson have had our differences in the past, but we have never publicly smeared or attacked him in any way, shape or form and we are sadly dissapointed that Mr. Mortenson has chosen to take the low road.

Jesse Mortenson separated the combatants and calmed things down a bit.

A dispute like this in either the Democratic or Republican parties would have made it into the political blogosphere and very likely the mainstream media. It's been a month since this spat between prominent Greens and I've not seen any mention of it... very likely because intra-3rd party squabbles are judged to be trivial.

However, when election time rolls around again, Michael Cavlan will demand and likely gain access to the same media that failed to report that a prominent member of his own party called Cavlan an "embarrassment".

The mainstream political blogs and media should report on 3rd party politics long before election time.