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Monday, July 16, 2007

Did Vitter Lie to Christian Ministers?

Right Hand Thief:

Over the past few days it was confirmed on talk radio that David Vitter met with a number of Christian Conservative ministers/pastors in Baton Rouge in the weeks/months prior to the November 2004 general election in which he was elected to the Senate. Based on two independent sources who spoke on talk radio this past week, Vitter was asked at the meeting about the rumors circulating that he had committed adultery and had frequented prostitutes.

From what these two sources stated, Vitter denied the allegations and assured these Christian ministers there were "no skeletons in my closet." One source stated publicly the other day that Gene Mills, Executive Director of the Louisiana Family Forum, attended the meeting. It's been rumored that Religious Right leader James Dobson might have been there, but that has not been confirmed.

If Vitter lied to these pastors about his secret life (probably after everyone in attendance prayed for Vitter), then how can the public trust a man who would lie to Christian ministers who asked him a direct question about his adulterous double life? After that meeting, the Religious Right in Louisiana began an aggressive campaign to support and to ensure the election of David Vitter to the Senate based on his promotion of "Family Values" and his adherence to those values in his personal life. Now we know David Vitter is the antithesis of "Family Values." He's a fraud.

Hopefully reporters will dig into who was at that meeting.