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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

GOP Joe Repya's Letter to GOP Activists Requesting Carey to Step Down With Pay During Audit Covered by Strib

Joe Repya's Letter is here.

Strong words. From the strib:

Repya warned that the party's image was suffering because of the allegations.

"We can not survive the 2008 election season if this party's Chair continues to be accused of wrongdoing," Repya wrote Pawlenty.

Repya said new members of the executive committee have reported that "any discussion to have an external audit conducted has been stonewalled."

He also called on the governor to appoint a bipartisan committee to conduct a full investigation and ask Carey to step aside temporarily until it's complete.

Party leaders respond

Drake and others close to the GOP said such an idea is unrealistic. Drake said "the outrageous suggestion that we allow partisan opponents examine our internal books makes clear that this is not about the good of the party."

Michael Brodkorb, Carey's campaign manager during the race for chairman, dismissed the proposal for a bipartisan investigation as "laughable."

One new member of the executive committee, Mike Barrett, said Tuesday that an external audit of the party is underway, but he provided no details on who was doing the audit or when it began.

Repya's letters to Pawlenty and Party Activists are posted on the Strib website.

Andy Aplikowski has more:

Here’s my skinny on this whole thing.

Repya went too far. Carey is handling this whole thing poorly. The new party staff and Executive Committee members are finally demanding results I hear, and it shows. Heads are rolling, er things are changing down at HQ.

No one person can be blamed for dividing this party. There’s plenty of disagreements to go around both between these two, and on down the ranks. Whether it be activists upset with GOp elected officials for issue-slapping them in the face, or admin side folks like Carey and Repya taking shots at each other. Carey can’t sweep this under the rug by saying “unite” and “Strib attacks”. And Repya should take some time and see what happens, and if Carey learned anything from the election.

Now the Strib may be getting ready to unveil another expose on his issue tonight or in the morning. Some are saying this is to attack Republicans on the eve of an election. They say it is to drag down Draz in HD28. Sorry, I just can’t buy that one. Plausible? sure, it is the Strib. But let’s not forget that the charges/claims are for real. They aren’t manufactured. The party did do wrong!

The MNGOP has some problems…. well lots of problems, but I am glad to hear that these have been looked at and reforms are underway.

I trust that there will no longer be any shred of doubt that the party of fiscal responsibility is acting in an ethical manner and a good steward of financial practices.

I think that we need a cooling off period. Let’s have the party prepare a detailed accounting of the audit, reports, reforms, and or corrections for our December meeting. In the mean time, we concentrate more on why people should trust and vote for the Republicans, instead of why so and so sucks, whatever party they belong to, organization they work for, or paper they write for.

A lot of stupid things are being said. trust me, you should see my emails.

Circular firing squads usually don’t work out too well.

Let’s all take a deep breath. Have a smoke, drink, walk, yoga, heck do whatever you do to relax and calm down.

(I think that was pretty fair)

My take? I think Joe Repya just shot himself in the foot if he was thinking of running against Norm Coleman for Senate.