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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Joe Repya's Reaction to CREW Complaint about the Republican Party of Minnesota

I called Joe Repya to ask him about this statement in Minnesota Monitor's coverage of the CREW complaint against the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Joe Repya brought up these allegations in his effort to unseat Republican Party chairman Ron Carey earlier this year, but ultimately Carey was re-elected by Republican Party delegates on the first ballot.

This is what Repya told me:

I did release a news release that if elected, i would do an immediate external audit. I kept the high road, I didn't make any statements, either on the autism center - and focused on what we would do if elected. That statement [in Minnesota Monitor's story] is incorrect.

This is the news release Repya referred to:


June 6, 2007

I entered the campaign to become the next Minnesota Republican Party Chairman convinced that the Party needed strong, principled leadership to win in 2008.

Recent events exposing mismanagement of our Party are exactly why I have repeatedly said "Leadership Matters!" When elected as the new Chairman on Saturday, June 9th, I will immediately initiate an independent financial audit of the Minnesota Republican Party.

Please let me make this perfectly clear: neither I nor anyone else on my personal campaign staff had anything to do with leaking documents or stories to the Star Tribune. But under my leadership the Republican Party of Minnesota will in good faith investigate all allegations and produce substantial verifying documentation, above and beyond the concessions made by a portion of the current Party Executive Committee.

In order for Republicans to get back on the Road to Victory in 2008, we
need solid and honorable leadership to inspire our grassroots, motivate
our candidates, and deliver our positive message back to the majority in
the legislature and in Washington.

Joe Repya
Candidate for MNGOP Chairman
please visit!

I asked Repya his opinion about the CREW complaint, and he answered "no comment."

Andy Aplikowski is calling on the state party to suck it up, and do the external audit and be done with it:

Regarding the ‘thing’ linked to in this post by Gary, I recommend that the certain group and people being scrutinized just verify all is well and or corrected and leave it at that. Don’t lash out. Don’t sweep it under the rug. Do the audit, release the results, and put this thing to bed. Please!

Oh, and CREW sucks, as Gary points out, but that doesn’t change what happened, and needs to be done.


At least that's how I'd interpret his statement.