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Monday, July 16, 2007

MFC Targets Coleman on Hate Crimes Bill

MFC Alert:

Please call Senator Coleman at 202.224.5641 or 651.645.0323 and urge him to vote against "Hate Crimes" legislation which is being considered as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill (S. 1535). This amendment would bypass the normal committee process and be offered to a defense spending bill in an effort to force President Bush to sign the legislation or veto critical funding for the global war on terror.

The legislation would give special treatment to some victims of crimes, by among other things, adding "sexual orientation" to the list of federal "hate crimes" categories. It has already been used to threaten people's free speech regarding the issue of homosexuality. A few years ago, several peaceful Christian protestors at a gay pride parade in Philadelphia were charged with felony hate crimes. Though those charges were thrown out many weeks later by a judge, the message was clear: Don't say anything negative about homosexuality. Even what the Bible says about homosexuality could be criminalized.

This legislation would bring the federal government into the picture across all fifty states.

It's vitally important that Senator Coleman be strongly encouraged to oppose this amendment which endangers free speech and religious liberty.

Again, Senator Coleman's number in Washington, DC is 202.224.5641 while his Minnesota office's number is 651.645.0323. Call both numbers if you can.

Thank you for your assistance on this critical issue!

It will be interesting to see what Coleman does. When he met with Log Cabin Republicans, he told us that he supported hate crimes legislation.

This means the MFC knows that Coleman is a swing vote on this. They are not asking their people to waste their time calling Klobuchar.