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Monday, July 30, 2007

More Nastyness in the 28B Race

MN Publius

But one thing is noticeably absent. No one seems to be talking about Steve Drazkowski her opponent.

Now, why could that be? Could it be that Drazkowski has a checkered past where he avoided trying to pay child support, insulted the party leadership, and even sued Republican party employees? Could be.

In 2005 Drazkowski was arrested for assaulting his daughter during a domestic dispute; in 2006 he ran for the Republican endorsement in the District 28 State Senate race. Meg Walch was Sen. Dick Day’s personal choice in the race and several employees of the Senate Republican Caucus volunteered for Walch’s campaign, they produced a flier and distributed it to the Republican endorsing convention attendees. They labeled a post from our good friend Northern Debater’s blog “Senate Candidate Abuses Daughter, Still Running” as having actually come from Winona Daily News (the flier can be found here, in the judgment from the complaint– which I’m getting to).

This race got nasty before the 2006 primary too. Read the comments on Northern Debater.