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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ron Carey's Response to Joe Repya's Charges

Wright County Republican:

GOP Responds To Repya Attack

To: State Central Committee Members
From: Chairman Ron Carey
Date: July 25, 2007

Over the last month, we've been hard at work with the Leadership Institute, RNC Summer Meeting, a special election, and the Minnesota State Fair coming up. As we prepare our team for victory in 2008, we must remain united against the liberal DFL and its allies.

That's why I was disappointed to hear that a letter was sent both to Governor Pawlenty and State Central Committee members in response to a left-wing front group's complaint against the Party. This group has extensive liberal ties - including to Al Franken - and is filing a complaint based on recycled charges of mismanagement that appeared in the Star Tribune.

When we ought to be working to unite our Party and win Minnesota in 2008, Joe Repya has apparently decided to further attempt to divide us by sending a letter with inaccurate information and over-the-top attacks.

The letters that Joe Repya sent demand that Governor Pawlenty have DFL leaders and members of the media audit our internal records! Repya also calls on me to step aside as Chairman while this "audit" is being conducted. Sadly, the Star Tribune is using this new attack as an excuse to fan the flame of contempt towards the Republican brand and will be publishing a story rehashing old issues with Repya's new twist.

Absolutely no new facts have surfaced regarding the allegations that were presented prior to the State Central Committee meeting last month. State Central members re-elected me Chairman with the knowledge of the issues we were dealing with. State Central members demonstrated that they have confidence in me and our Executive Committee to act honorably and honestly. I am saddened and troubled that Repya would feed the liberal hatred of Republicans at a time we should be coming together to prepare for the important 2008 elections.

Here is a brief update on the audit, which we discussed at our last several State Executive Committee meetings:

After discussions with several audit firms this spring, in June we hired Keith Davis, of Huckaby Davis Lisker, to oversee our internal audit and advise us on future FEC reports. Huckaby Davis Lisker is an Alexandria, Virginia-based political accounting firm for Republican Party candidates and entities. Davis recommended we hire another agency to do the physical work of the audit at a lower rate. After looking at two recommended firms, we hired Campaign Financial Services, a division of Talent PayMaster, Inc. Campaign Financial Services provides financial services for federal candidate committees, state party committees, and political action committees. Their team is engaging in a thorough review of our financial activities beginning with 2002.

We also brought in Michael Vekich, a CPA with Vekich Associates. Vekich Associates provides independent accountants and management advisors. He looked through our accounting practices and procedures and recommended some changes. Vekich recommended having R. Robert Wyant make his recommended changes. These changes include installing a new accounting software program, changing to Paychex as our payroll provider and a review of our current insurance policy.

I hope you will find this information useful in addressing any concerns from Party leaders who may approach you for further clarification. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have further questions or suggestions. Let's work as a leadership team to put an end to Republican on Republican attacks that only benefit our DFL opponents.

And so the soap opera continues.....