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Monday, July 16, 2007

UNO College Republicans Call for David Vitter's Resignation

Dead Pelican:


David Vitter: A Stain on the Republican Party

JULY 17, 2007 16:59:52 CDT

The past week has unearthed several seedy situations concerning the current Republican Louisiana Senator David Vitter. Between being on the D.C. Madam�s list and reportedly having relations with two prostitutes in the New Orleans area, Vitter has certainly rebuked his promise with the people of Louisiana.

Moreover, by deciding to hold a press conference at 5 pm Monday afternoon, just as Bobby Jindal�s plane is taxing into Armstrong Airport, David Vitter has once more shown a blatant disregard for the political position of Louisiana Republican Party.

It is clear that Senator Vitter cares little for his fellow Republicans in Louisiana. After a week of silence, Vitter choose the day, almost to the hour, where all eyes were to be on Bobby Jindal and his vision for a better Louisiana.

We College Republicans can only speculate as to the reason why today. Nevertheless, once more Senator Vitter�s actions have endangered the electoral chances of his fellow Republicans�just as his repeated lies concealing his serial indiscretions with prostitutes have.

As a Republican organization, we feel as though it not only our right, but our obligation to come out and call for David Vitter�s immediate resignation. Mr. Vitter was elected because of his strong ethical, moral, and conservative values. As of late, it is clear that Mr. Vitter has hidden his true colors.

Some may say that Vitter�s affair is a personal matter; we cannot disagree with this statement anymore adamantly. Mr. Vitter represented the Republican Party, but more importantly, he represented everyone that showed up on his behalf on Election Day. His actions will have long lasting effects on both this state�s recovery, and will leave an impression of hypocrisy and corruption on the Republican Party.

Mr. Vitter if you are truly a man, if you truly want to help Louisiana, you will resign immediately. And, Gov. Blanco, for the sake of Louisiana, agree to appoint a Republican to hold the Senate seat until a special election in 2008, so that Republicans across can in good conscience remove a man who has stained the reputation of Louisiana.

Signed of Behalf of the UNO College Republicans:

Ronald Kreiger, President, Tavish Misra, Secretary, David Huguenel, Outreach Director

Times Pecayune Blog:

Vitter provided few details of the actions for which he was apologizing, saying such statements would not serve his family or his office. But he did say some of the reported stories regarding incidents in New Orleans were not true.

He said he and his wife had confronted his sins "in confession and marriage counseling and have put it behind us."

He said he would be flying directly to Washington Monday to resume work on the water resources bill, against the immigration bill and for highway projects.

His wife Wendy also spoke briefly, standing by her husband.

"In most any other marriage it would have been a private issue between husband and wife ... Like all marriages, ours is not perfect, but we chose to work together as a family. .. I made a decision to recommit to our marrage. ... To forgive is not always an easy choice, but it was and is the best choice for me," she said.

"I am proud to be Wendy Vitter."

The couple refused to answer questions from reporters.

The comments start right out there:

Posted by matter88 on 07/16/07 at 5:36PM

Talk about a CHICKEN****!!!

Vitter: Resign, you pervert!
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Posted by brothelwrker on 07/16/07 at 5:41PM

"Senator Vitter!

Does this mean you won't come and visit me anymore? What am I supposed to do with all these diapers?"

Posted by snake24 on 07/16/07 at 5:41PM

It's funny how things work; do something bad then apaologize for it and expect things to continue as if it's nothing. Well Mr. Vitter that won't happen this time, you relentlessly attacked other people's family values and morals and then light is shed on your own indescretion and you think an apology will justify? No i won't. Don Imus apologized but he still lost his job because the public is tired of ignoance, especially from politicians. Your creditability is shattered and the rest of your poltical career will be looked at based on what happened just like Jefferson's career will always be based on his wrong doing, Blanco's career will always be remembered for his incompetence after Hurricane Katrina. And same sbould be for you Vitter, you career should be over. You are an elected official and shuld conduct yourself in a better manner than that, we caqn't take anymore of this from another elected official. Leave your job Vitter.

Posted by Transparent on 07/16/07 at 5:48PM

The problem is that now he is useless to Louisiana, just as Jefferson is. He has no persuasive powers and his party wants to distance itself from him. He has no ability for bi-partisan consensus building. He is returning to the Senate because he has no job, not because this is a best thing for Louisiana.

He says he is going to work for I-49. I wish he'd take it out of here. We need another deadbeat politican like another fallen floodwall.

What a crock.

Posted by ronbeaux on 07/16/07 at 6:01PM

I can't believe the arrogance of this man. He won't answer questions. He is our employee. I work hard. I pay taxes. We are his employers. I want to know if he used my tax dollars to pay for his prostitutes and if he did phone business with the DC madam on Congressional time.

Who does he think he is.

And Wendy owes an apology to Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Livingston. She is pathetic.

He is a disgrace.

Resign and do the honorable thing. You will be a laughing stock in DC; the butt of cloak room jokes. And Louisiana will suffer.

What a selfish little perverse power hungry man.

Posted by wcmll on 07/16/07 at 6:14PM

Resign David. Louisiana does not need the huge distraction of your law breaking hypocrisy and cannot afford the indulgence of keeping you in Washington. Look at how all your Republican buddies rallied around you at your press conference. Where were they? Behind the curtain? Do you think the Dems and independents are going to be more supportive than your own party? Dream on.

You can only "put this behind you" by resigning and returning to private life. As long as you are in office the media will be there and new accusations will come your way. Louisiana needs three years of this type of publicity like New Orleans needs another hurricane Katrina.