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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Unpleasantness on the HD 28 Race

Interesting comments:

Baggage is baggage. This is simply a poor candidate, not one that the party can point to with pride in the character of the individual. A better candidate was available but lost on the second ballot.

Given that, if he does not win by 3 to 1 over a geewhiz neophyte in a far far right district held for years by the former speaker he should join Algore in the great-collapse hall of fame.

“(Drazkowski) is a guy who’s just disgruntled. He makes me nervous, but what do you do?”
–Sen. Dick Day (R-Owatonna).

Steve Drazkowski is using his daughter in his campaign ads.

On issues, Drazkowski says:

Marriage: Marriage is a time-tested and sacred institution between one man and one woman. Steve firmly believes that Minnesotans should be given the opportunity to vote upon the constitutional definition of marriage for our state.

It would be interesting to find out his position on divorce.

Pfeilsticker's site doesn't address this.

Linda Pfeilsticker's website doesn't have much. Will her campaign run radio ads?

Results from the primary:

Drazkowski 287 100% of GOP votes
Pfeilsticker 1050 87.72% of DFL votes
Moreland 147 12.28% of DFL votes

Voter ID and turnout are critical in races like this. Drazkowski won this part of the district when he ran against DFL incumbent Senator Steve Murphy.

It's interesting that Steve Sviggum has given Drazkowski an endorsement, but isn't doing an ad where he is asking people to vote for the guy. How strong is the endorsement?