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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

35W /University Bridge Collapse

The photos look like the Oakland Superhighway that collapsed after a big earthquake in the late 80s.

Congressman Oberstar released this statement:

A bridge on Interstate 35-W near the University of Minnesota collapsed just two hours ago, dropping at least 8 cars and a truck in the water. A school bus that just barely missed crashing into the water was damaged; students on board were bloodied and injured. The crumpled wreckage of the bridge is on the east bank and in the water; the concrete roadway is in the river gorge. It's a 40 year old bridge. This is a tragic occurrence and I make that observation in the midst of this consideration of the technical corrections [of SAFE-TEA-LU] as an indication of how important it is for us to continue our vigilance on the integrity and condition of the nation's traveled roadways.

Hat tip Minnesota Monitor.