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Friday, August 31, 2007

Aplikowski Suggests that Brodkorb is Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill


Sticks and Stones Can break Your Bones….

… but name calling in a US Senate campaign is not gonna kill ya. All that is being done by the DFL leaving these (barely) attacks up is proof that they are the ones who actually hate their opponents and turn campaigns negative.

I think far too much is being made of the slimey tactics of the DFl booth regarding the name calling. I think the fact that some keep pointing this out over and over is showing how little you have to stand on as well.


Franken wants to get us out of the war on terror’s central front. He wants to do a lot of very bad things for and to America.

But name calling? name calling is the one that gets some of you to crawl out from under the rock you’ve been under?

Brodkorb comments:

1. Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
August 31st, 2007 at 5:10 pm

I get your point Andy, but sometimes we need to fight back.

MPR reported on some of the notes that showed up on the DFL board:

"At the DFL Party's State Fair booth, Barbara Snow has just added her note to an oversized 'Top Reasons to Dump Norm Coleman' bulletin board.

'My reason was because he's Bush's lap dog. He'll just sign up — whatever Bush says he will do,' says Snow.

There are a few dozen anti-Coleman notes on the bulletin board, with such sentiments as 'Minnesota can do better,' 'He's eating our children,' and 'You can say flip-flop for no reason.'

Snow concedes another note that says Coleman is 'ugly and stupid' is mean-spirited and crosses the line.

Coleman says he's always anticipated a tough re-election campaign, but that he thinks some of the early rhetoric may backfire come November 2008.

'I think that board is a sad reflection of almost all that's wrong in politics today,' says Coleman. 'And I think if my prospective opponents somehow reflect what's on that board, I think Minnesotans will reject them. I don't think that board is very Minnesotan.'"

Norm's going to have to get beyond whining about stuff like this. I'll have to go and read what's on that board.

The Minnesota GOP has now put out a Press Release asking the DFL to take down the board? Does that mean they think the board is actually being effective?

The Press Release gives Michael Brodkorb as the source for many of the comments. It's interesting that the Press Release doesn't include comments that refer to Norm Coleman as a flip-flopper, comments that talk about Coleman being a Bush "lapdog" or comments that "Minnesota can do better".