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Friday, August 17, 2007

Open Letter to Representative Margaret Anderson Kelliher About Rep. Mark Olson

Enough is enough...

Representative Margaret Anderson Kelliher,

I was at the Sherburne County courthouse and watched as Olson was sentenced.

Rep. Mark Olson's wife Heidi talked about the impact of the trial on her and her family in the courtroom and outside for the media.

In this video Heidi says Olson slimed her to keep his job. She describes herself as "collateral damage".

Heidi isn't the only collateral damage Rep. Mark Olson has wreaked in his long tenure in office. He verbally and physically abused staff. He verbally abused Rep. Greiling during the last session.

Olson has abused the citizens of this state by conspiring to defraud the taxpayers with his bogus "personal rapid transit" scam. I have a document that pretty much exposes his role in that scam and I would willing to testify about his role in the scam.

Republicans have begun to question whether transit and bicycling projects should be funded in the wake of the 35W bridge collapse. They call such projects "frivolous"... yet, 24 Republicans including Phil Krinkie and Mary Liz Holberg voted for Mark Olson's PRT amendment to the bonding bill in 2006. PRT has been described by Professor of Transportation, University of Pennsylvania Vukan Vuchic as "imaginary" and infeasible".

I feel very strongly about Republicans voting for an imaginary and infeasible transportation concept when real transportation needs were not being met... My daughter crossed the 35W bridge every day to school and crossed that bridge the day it collapsed.

Conspiracy to defraud the State of MInnesota would be grounds for removing Olson from office.

Mark Olson should not get away with what he did to his wife and what he did to the citizens of Minnesota. He should not keep his job.

Thank you,

Ken Avidor

Here's a list of the representatives who voted for one of Rep. Mark Olson's PRT amendments. It was voted down 26 to 107 on April 12, 2006:

Anderson, B.
Hosch (DFL)
Marquart (DFL)
Nelson, P.

... and speaking of Mark Olson and "collateral damage"... from a December 7, 2003 Strib article on capitol punishment:

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A Transportation Enthusiast said...

As usual, Lloydletta twists the facts on PRT. PRT is not a fraud, but this blog certainly is - totally lacking in any credibility for posting bogus propaganda like this

For the real story on PRT, see the Wikipedia article. Ken Avidor tried to twist that article too, but failed miserably since Wikipedia demands evidence. Too bad Lloydletta doesn't.

Avidor said...

Right, ATE.... Wikipedia is sooooo reliable.

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Well, Wikipedia is infinitely more reliable than this site - especially when it comes to PRT.

And, explain to your readers: if Wikipedia is so unreliable, why isn't your "scam" charge on the PRT article there? Could it be that you were unable to produce enough evidence to get even a single mention on that page?

I guess even "unreliable" Wikipedia isn't unreliable enough to contain your claims.


By the way, why are you afraid to debate me?

And, also, how much were you paid to promote your views in Roadkill Bill? You currently have an anthology of RKB cartoons up for sale on Amazon - how much does your continued anti-PRT campaign help you to sell copies of that anthology, huh?

How much money have you made on RKB, Ken? How much does this neverending campaign continue to fill your pockets?

You need to answer these questions. You've questioned others on whether they benefit financially from promoting their views - now it's time for you to come clean.

Avidor said...


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Shall I assume that "Whatever" means "no comment" to my questions?

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

"I have a document that pretty much exposes his role in that scam..."

Let's see it! Come on, Ken, show us the "evidence"! Or is it still official policy on the Lloydletta blogs to avoid backing up your claims whenever possible?

Why would you hold back such a document if you have it in your possession?

Mr_Grant, Managing Editor said...

Ovendoor has claimed before to have a document backing up his claims about PRT. If this new document is as solid as that time, then we should have material for lots more hilarious posts.

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Still waiting for that document... Ken?

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Ha! No document forthcoming! Apparently Ken made the whole thing up! Good thing he posted it here on Lloydletta, where contributors are allowed to say whatever they want without backing any of it up.

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