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Friday, August 31, 2007

Rick Stafford Nails It on Norm Coleman and Craig/Vitter

MN Publius:

I am waiting for every mainstream media reporter and cable talking opinionator to ask this one question only until they get a clear, non-spin answer. That question is: “Is it acceptable to ask for a US Senator to resign who attempts to solicit for free sex in a semi-public place while not asking the same from a US Senator who solicits and pays for sex with a prostitute and admits this sin? A follow-up question would be this: “If Louisana were as reliably Republican as Idaho, would the request to resign be even-handed?”
For all over the poltical hypocrisy map Norm Coleman the question is: “Why is acceptable to give Sen. Vitter a standing ovation for his actions, but ask Sen. Craig to resign?”