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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Right-Wing Bloggers Attempt to Blame Oberstar & Bicycling for 35W Bridge Collapse

After saying he was "impressed with how the Federal level Democrats are putting politics aside" in this post, Andy Aplikowski explores ways to pin the blame for the 35W bridge collapse on Rep. Oberstar, former Congressman Martin Sabo and his successor Keith Ellison.

Andy Aplikowski links to Robert Bluey's blog:

There’s no way of knowing whether extra money for the bridge would have prevented its collapse. But it’s certainly worth asking if House Transportation Chairman Jim Oberstar of Minnesota should have been less concerned about taking care of bicyclists and put a higher priority on the state’s other transportation needs.

Red State echoes Rob Bluey's attack on Oberstar's support for bicycling.

One of the first people on the scene of the bridge collapse was a bicyclist. Listen to him tell how he rescued victims.


DavidD said...

Foolish comments by foolish people. Bicycle paths don't require spending even close to the realm of what was needed to fix this bridge... Imagine what 90 million dollar bike path would look like

knappster said...

Isn't there an endangered species they can blame?