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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saint Cloud Council Member Knew About Senator Larry Craig's Arrest Since June

From Larry Schumacher's SC Times Blog:

U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, is in trouble this week for pleading guilty earlier this month to something he did in a bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in June.

But guess who in the St. Cloud area knew since June about the whole deal? Mike Landy.

Landy, a St. Cloud City Council member, serves on the Metropolitan Airports Commission, a body appointed by the governor of the state to manage numerous airports throughout the Twin Cities, including MSP.

Landy told me Tuesday that the MAC board knew about the incident, and that Craig was a U.S. Senator, since it happened in June.

Craig's arrest was part of a sting Airport Police had undertaken in response to complaints of lewd conduct in the airport bathrooms.

It wasn't something MAC officials were proud of or wanted to publicize, so nobody mentioned Craig's arrest to the media, Landy said.

How many other public officials knew about the incident? Did the Governor know?

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UPDATE: The former MAC Chair, Vicki Tigwell (formerly Vicki Grunseth) is now Norm Coleman's District Director. Did Norm Coleman know about this in advance?