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Monday, August 06, 2007

Seattle PRT Promoter Makes Fun of Mpls Bridge Collapse

David Gow (Mr_Grant) is the Seattle contact for the Twin Cities based Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit. When he isn't maintaining his various "hegemony" of PRT websites, Gow spends a great deal of time on the web attacking me for exposing the Personal Rapid Transit boondoggle. I have asked Gow whether he is paid to design and maintain PRT websites.. he won't say. Gow also moderates a PRT forum in Seattle that is really just a stalking horse to attack the LRT line under construction in Seattle.

Gow has a peculiar sense of humor. In a recent post on his attack blog, Gow uses the collapse of the 35W bridge in an attempt to poke fun at me.

My eldest daughter crossed the 35W bridge on her way to and from school. She crossed that bridge the very day it collapsed.

Very classy, Mr. Gow.


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

More twisting of facts by an Eva Young blog - how shocking is that?!

The fact is, it was Mr. Avidor who tried to twist the intent of a PRT promoter, shamelessly using the bridge collapse as a prop.

And when Gow attacks Avidor for his tasteless attempts to use the bridge tragedy to promote his twisted views, Avidor tries to pin the blame on Gow! Does it get much more hypocritical than that?

Shame on this blog and dumpmarkolson for trying to use this tragedy to promote your views. That is as low as it gets. Jeez, bodies are still in the water people, and you are already pouncing on this to plug your views.

Disgusting. Tasteless. And absolutely typical of this contributor and the Eva Young blogs.

Mr_Grant, Managing Editor said...

My client, "Art of the Astro Zombies," is going to be very surprised that they're now a PRT website.