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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Amy Klobuchar and Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was at the DFL booth at the State Fair today. I had heard that while she opposed discrimination in the military, she was not willing to overturn the current military policy, Don't Ask, Don't Tell. So I thought this was a good opportunity to get Klobuchar on the record. She said that she has not read this bill, and is not on the committee, and never makes commitments on particular legislation until reading the bill. She also wanted to talk to various groups of people concerned about this issue prior to taking a stand. She did want to make clear that she was "sympathetic to this issue."

Klobuchar was screened by Stonewall DFL. Was she asked about Don't Ask, Don't Tell during her screening? What did she say at that time?

Amy Klobuchar raised $125,000 from HRC. So far, it sounds like a poor return on investment. Did HRC's Senate Screening questionnaire include a question on Don't Ask, Don't Tell?