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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Barbara Johnson's Transportation Fantasy World

Reading Andy Birkey's Minnesota Monitor article about the amendment to ban inhumane treatment of circus animals, I came across this quote from MInneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson:

"I think it makes our city look like we're at the extreme end of the spectrum, and I think it makes us look like we don't have anything better to do,"


Does Barbara Johnnson really believe that we will all be riding around in JPods in 15 to 20 Years?

If you go to the JPOD web site, you'll find a letter written by Johnson on behalf of JPODs (click on "Leadership"). There's another letter there from Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Stenglein.

It should be a concern to Minnesotans that many of our politicians like Barbara Johnson have promoted silly fantasy transportation concepts like JPods.