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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bloggers at the Counter Demonstration to the Anti-War Demonstration

We talked to:

Matt Abe from North Star Liberty

Lazy Gopher Pachyderm.

Kermit from Anti-Strib

Jamie Delton from Delton Digest - who is running for state representative in 65B. I looked at his site, and it seems that his major issue is the Bachmann amendment. I don't think that will help him in that district.


Kermit said...

That was very nice, Eva. Fair and balanced. I look good on vid. Maybe I should consider a career.

Kudos. Feel free to drop by Anti-Strib anytime you want. "We're not complete assholes."

MNObserver said...

I think it's very funny that the counter protesters couldn't even get the time of the march correct. That, and the claim that the counter protesters were outnumbered 20:1. I counted 16 of them before, during and after the march. Strib puts the main protest at 1500 partiticpants, which means they were outnumbered by more than 100:1.

Both of which mistakes sort of explain a good many things.

lloydletta said...

Kermit, give the kudos to Avidor. He did an excellent job on the video.