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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Copelands: Prosperity Gospel Scam Artists

Across the Great Divide:

Kenneth Copeland's ministry — like Mac Hammond's Living Word Christian Center and other churches but unlike other nonprofits — is not required by the IRS to disclose financials, spending or information about its governance. (At last check, Copeland's son serves on Hammond's board and Hammond serves on Copeland's. The interlocking boards among these evangelists provide the corporate veil that approves ministerial compensation.)

The SEC has been getting tougher on disclosure of compensation for corporate execs. But who's watching these guys?

Quimby points out some excellent investigative reporting by News 8 on how the Copelands use their "ministry" jet for personal use.

This story talks about Bonnie Parker - who died of cancer, who gave lots of money to the Copelands because she was desperate to get help for her cancer.


Anonymous said...

You can’t hide the truth,! Simply type Kenneth Copeland Ministies , and Bonnie Parker. Or visit or and,, also one that isn’t quite done .