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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Did Governor Pawlenty Kowtow to Jason Lewis?

Matt at North Star Liberty makes a good point.

Tom Scheck at Minnesota Public Radio's Polinaut, and more than a few Democrats I presume, are befuddled at Gov. Tim Pawlenty's signals over the weekend that a gas tax increase may not be such a sure thing after all. In an e-mail to supporters, the governor's political director, Michael Krueger said, "the Governor has made it clear to legislative leaders that he would like to see this gas tax increase as only temporary and offset by an income tax cut."

"So what changed," asks Scheck, "between Pawlenty's statement on August 7th ("The gas tax has never been popular but we have needs that have to be addressed") and today? Did he get too far from his base? Is he poll watching?"

That got me wondering about 100.3 KTLK-FM personality Jason Lewis's August 10 (note the timing) e-mail blast to his Tax Cut Coalition. Perhaps we caught a glimpse of what can happen when conservatives come together to flex their political muscle.

The question is why Matt Abe, and not Tom Scheck picked up on the Tax Cut Coalition email. Mainstream Media reporters should subscribe to those mailings.


Scholar said...

Your question misses the point. Lewis's e-mail encouraged readers to call the governor and legislature. I was speculating that those calls may have made the difference. Pawlenty has long ceased "kowtowing" to Lewis, if he ever did.

Matt Abe