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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drew Emmer Takes Aim at a Dump Bachmann Contributor... and Misses

Drew Emmer of the Wright County Republican blog thought he had uncovered a nefarious plot perpetrated by Dump Bachmann contributor Bill Prendergast.

Bill Prendergast denied Drew Emmer's tin foil hat assertions.

Emmer also believes the bible-hurling, jailbird Rep. Mark Olson is an "honorable man"

A while back, I wrote on Dump Mark Olson about Emmer's hilarious account of being arrested and thrown in jail.

The following is from the April 23rd post on DMO:

...Drew Emmer has a post on his Wright County Republican blog about his recent arrest for a fowl crime:

The era of "never been arrested" ended for me last Monday. 

It was a gorgeous evening. I was preoccupied with the news of Virginia Tech. I headed west from my office toward Delano to take in a nephew's baseball game. As I passed through Maple Plain two West Hennepin Public Safety squads converged on me and pulled me over. No traffic violation. They were just randomly running plates and when they ran mine the alarm went off. I was surprised to learn that there was a warrant out for my arrest.

Last fall I went on a guided goose hunt in Rochester. Two DNR officers checked our guns and licenses. I did not have a federal migratory waterfowl stamp on my Minnesota license and I got a ticket. (My federal stamp was on my Missouri license, which I neglected to bring with me that day). I was told to call Olmstead County to find out about the fine. I called the next week and was informed that I would have to call back since the DNR had not yet submitted my ticket to Olmstead County. I failed to follow up. Hence the warrant. Drew Emmer ends up in the hoosegow for his wild goose chase. But, Emmer's not too upset because he feels he's being taken care of by like-minded folks:

"The staff at Hennepin County Jail are all Sheriff Stanek's folks and they do a remarkable job considering the slice of society they interact with each day. "

...hmmm... what "slice of society" is that, Drew?

Then when I thought I was finally getting out they put me in general population until almost 2am. My cellmates nicknamed me Crocodile M-f-ing Dun-f-ing-Dee when they found out what I was in for. As I finally walked out of the pod a lone voice said "keep it real birdman".

Emmer then shoots his mouth off about how the cops should have done it different... what a birdbrain!

Emmer and Olson... jailbirds of feather:

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