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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Former Log Cabin Republicans Chair, Bill Brownson Runs for City Council

I got this note from Patrick Sammon from Log Cabin Republicans:

Dear Log Cabin members and friends,

Bill Brownson

I want to tell you about my friend Bill Brownson, who has been instrumental in Log Cabin's work for the last decade. He is a candidate for City Council in Columbus, Ohio.

Bill served as Chairman of Log Cabin's Board from 2003 through 2005. I came to know Bill very well during his tenure as Chairman. He's a man of integrity and character—someone who helped lead this organization through our courageous stand against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004. I admire and respect him for the courage he showed during that difficult and historic time.

Now, Bill is engaged in another challenge. His election as an openly gay Republican to a city-wide office in a major U.S. city will be another milestone in Log Cabin's history. He has the experience, character, and competence to do an excellent job serving the people of Columbus.

I am committed to helping him win this election. I hope you will join me in this effort. Show your appreciation for all that Bill has done to help Log Cabin.

Help Bill's campaign now

Please consider making a financial contribution to his campaign today. Your support will ensure that he is able to effectively deliver his message to the voters in Columbus. Together we will help Bill achieve victory on November 6th.

I'll have more about this campaign later. I served on the board with Bill, and think he would make an excellent city council member.


mpw5bsw1 said...

Thank you for supporting my brother, Bill Brownson. I, too, think he will make a great councilman!!!

His sister in BG, OH,

Brenda Wilhelm