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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Goodbye to Lloyd Alexander the Children's Author

Ken Avidor's post about the death of cartoonist Eric Lappegard reminded me that I had never noted the death of author Lloyd Alexander.


Lloyd Alexander, 83, a critically acclaimed fantasy and adventure writer whose coming-of-age novels use vivid action and elements of mythology to depict contemporary struggles between good and evil, died May 17 at his home in Drexel Hill, Pa. He had cancer.

Mr. Alexander wrote more than 40 books and is regarded as one of the best-known writers of juvenile fiction of the past several decades. He won over adult reviewers with cliff-hanging plots, stylish prose and believable characters that make his fanciful, long-ago settings seem plausible and relevant.

Essayist Laura Ingram, writing in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, said the books have "the special depth and insight provided by characters who not only act, but think, feel and struggle with the same kinds of problems that confuse and trouble people in the twentieth century."

Alexander's books were inspirational to me growing up. Part of what I loved about his books was his wonderful sense of humor.

My cat Lloyd (who died in 2003) was named after Lloyd Alexander, and so was the screen name Lloydletta that I later used for this blog.

Lloyd Alexander loved cats, and he had many wonderful feline characters in his books.

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