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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Michael Krause and Kandiyohi Development to Devour Eat Street?

There's another weird twist in the Michael Krause/Kandiyohi Develoment saga... Kandiyohi is part of a team that wants to build a hotel on Eat Street:

From the Southwest Journal:

Hotel planned in Whittier

By Jake Weyer

WHITTIER — A four-story hotel, retail and office development is planned to go up at 2528–2550 Nicollet Ave. within the next couple years.  

The project, referred to as the Ace Hotel/Icehouse development, would include 70 hotel rooms, 18,000 square feet of retail space, 8,000 square feet of office space and three levels of underground parking. It would incorporate 16,000 square feet of “green” space in the form of an interior courtyard and green roofs and facades. 

Kandiyohi Development Partners, BKV Architects and Ace Hotels are teaming up on the project, which would retain the Azia Restaurant building and Icehouse Studio building on the site. The structures between them would be demolished and replaced with new construction.

... but, it seems popular restaurant may not survive the construction of the hotel:

Elizabeth Grzechoviak, executive director of Azia’s management company Phamous Group, said the restaurant would like to stay, but developers have not approached the restaurant about the feasibility of staying. If the restaurant has to close for even one week, the business would be in jeopardy, she said.

... in an even weirder twist to the story, the owner of Azia Thom Pham was jumped Tuesday night in the restaurant's parking lot by six to eight men and brutally beaten with sticks and bricks.


Matty said...

What a coincidence. I'm writing from the Ace Hotel in Seattle right now. I'm opposed to the 35W Excess project as much as the majority of my neighbors in Minneapolis, but let's talk some more about this.

Replacing surface parking lots and under utilized land along transit routes in the city with higher density mixed-used projects can be a very good thing for Minneapolis.

Expanding freeways and building flyover ramps to corporate headquarters in my neighborhood? Absolutely not! This, however, sounds like something completely different.

Avidor said...

There's a derelict meat processing plant a few blocks South on Eat Street that takes up an entire block right on the Greenway. Building a huge development there would enhance the area and would displace nobody.

David said...

Who exactly would be staying in the hotel? Yes, it's right down the street from the convention center, but so is the Radisson, the Millenium, and others. I don't really want to give up the great little businesses that have popped up to create the Eat Street I love. These businesses won't be in the new development, which will necessarily have higher rents and an aesthetic standard difficult for most small businesses to attain. My guess is that Taco Morelos will be replaced by Chipotle. Ugh.