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Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Unhappiness from the Base on Norm Coleman

Kevin Ecker:

Speaking of deceitful, while 20 Senators have publicly committed to voting against the DREAM Act amendment, a vast majority of senators, including both of our Minnesota senators, have declined to commit to anything. Privately, they tell callers whatever the caller wants to hear. As a result the Senator is still free to sell their soul for whatever legislative trinket they want.

Our own Senator Coleman is effectively standing with his finger to the breeze, trying to figure out what will benefit him politically. Since this is essentially what he did last time this issue came up, it’s hardly a surprise, but disappointing nonetheless.

Although to Coleman’s credit it’s still an improvement over Klobuchar who seems intent on ignoring the interests of her constituents, and instead intends to lay her soul on the Democratic altar.

However, she’s a Democrat. She’s supposed to be a weasel voting against the interests of her state. Coleman on the other hand….well, I’ll leave that to you to answer.