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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Response from Mayor's Staff Jeremy Hanson

After reading Avidor's excellent posts about the Twin Cites Daily Planet yanking an article for corrections in response to complaints from what appeared to be the Mayor's PR Flack, Jeremy Hanson, I decided to follow up. I sent this email to Jeremy Hanson's City of Minneapolis email address.

Hi Jeremy:

On the record:

Was this comment posted on the Twin Cities Daily Planet website from
you? Were you acting on the Mayor's behalf, or as an individual?

Eva Young
Lloydletta's Nooz

submitted by Jeremy Hanson (not verified) on Tue, 08/28/2007 - 12:11.

I'm disappointed and surprised that such an inaccurate article is featured on the TC Daily Planet. Are there no quality controls here? The line between news and opinion is clearly blurred in this piece and readers are left with misinformation about an important and positive project that will be a good thing for our city.

Hanson responded:

"Hanson, Jeremy J."
3:13 pm (3½ hours ago)
Yes, as I often do in my role with the Mayor, I provided public feedback to the TC Daily Planet about their initial article on the Midtown Eco Energy facility. The Daily Planet is a wonderful and valuable news resource, but that article included inaccuracies that needed to be addressed.

I also provided feedback to the Daily Planet because the Midtown Eco Energy facility is an important and positive project that will be a good thing for our city and is worthy of accurate reporting.
Jeremy Hanson
Communications Director
Mayor R.T. Rybak
350 South Fifth Street, Room 331
Minneapolis, MN 55415
612-673-2785 phone
612-919-8261 mobile
612-673-2305 fax

I followed up with another question:

Your comment wasn't specific about what was inaccurate in that article. What were the problems? It seemed that the reporter talked to a number of people - and got a variety of perspectives.

So what specifically were the "inaccuracies" that needed to be addressed?

Eva Young

So far, I have NOT gotten a response.

As Ken Avidor reported earlier, this was what got deleted from the article:

More questions arise about the project’s legal counsel, the Smith Partners law firm. The firm was criticized by community groups for serving as project manager for the construction of the 35W access project. Although the firm has no transportation planning experience, they represent Abbot Northwestern, Allina, and other corporations that stand to profit from the proposed freeway construction on Lake Street. Kandiyohi plans to sell steam heat energy to these same corporations.

Why was this deleted?

I assume this means Jeremy Hanson was doing this as part of his job duties. Why is it part of the Mayor's Agenda to intimidate citizen journalists?

Developing. . .


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