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Monday, September 10, 2007

Rush Limbaugh gets it wrong, very wrong

Rush Limbaugh said on his Monday program, to those who are ‘war weary’, (paraphrased I’ll find the exact quote if I can get a transcript.):

There is no reason to be war weary. Those who are war weary, especially those who aren’t military families, turn off CNN, turn off the network news and stop reading the New York Times because THAT is why you are war weary. If you aren’t from a military family you don’t have any reason or right to be war weary.

NO Mr. Limbaugh, you are flat-out wrong. This war is being fought on behalf of MY country and in the name of MY security, therefore I have every right to question our tactics and results and I have every right to be weary of a war that is being waged in my name seemingly without caring how I feel about it.

Furthermore, not only do I have a right to be weary, I have a moral responsibility to be war weary. For if I become impervious to the death and murder being perpetuated in my name, I will have become as morally bankrupt as those who would so callously dismiss the death, murder and genocide that will occur once we pull out of Iraq. Regardless of which extreme I were to take I would be condoning the sentiment that American lives are more important and/or valuable than the Iraqis.

So thank you Mr. Limbaugh for your contribution to a thriving democracy, but do not attempt to subjugate my moral and ethical compass.


lloydletta said...

I've never been able to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I like many other talk show hosts on both the left and right.