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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The First Amendment Challenged Mayor of Minneapolis

This weekend we had the kick-off to the 50 More Cops campaign in Minneapolis. I've been involved with this campaign from the beginning when a group of residents got together with the Independence Party and started coming up with ideas regarding pressing problems in Minneapolis and possible solutions.

As many times before, we booked the COMMUNITY Room at the Minneapolis Police 5th Precinct to hold our gathering and distribute our materials. That morning, the Sargent came in and said orders had come down from the top that we weren't to be allowed to use the room for our event. (Star Tribune Article)

After placing phone calls to higher-ups in the department it was settled that we could use the room as a base of operations but not distribute any literature.

THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! We've used this room numerous times, after all it's the "Community Room" and we were dealing with an issue specifically relating to a community issue. It's never been said before that political groups couldn't use it. Now all the sudden, when someone criticizes the Mayor, things change? And now all of the sudden "the department is developing a new policy for political use of department space."

This is just another example, on a growing list, relating to how Minneapolis City Government is working to silence the voice and violate the 1st Amendment rights of city residents. It's time to dump them all!


Jim Rongstad said...

If it is a community room on public property, then shouldn't the public have a right to use it?

But of course this is a country where we now confine protesters to so called "free speech zones."

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