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Friday, October 19, 2007

Al Franken Takes Money from Creationist

PZ Myers nails him on it.

Return Ben Stein's Money

Category: Politics
Posted on: October 19, 2007 11:22 AM, by PZ Myers

I'm a bit disappointed with Al Franken. Ben Stein has donated to the Franken campaign, and he has accepted the money — come on, Al, let's see some principles. Stein is a dishonest fraud who is peddling Intelligent Design creationism in his upcoming movie, Expelled; he's a former Nixon speechwriter, and he defends Nixon. I know they might be friends in their personal life, but this is politics — Franken should stand up for his liberal ideas and courteously refuse to take money from a stupid right-winger.

Besides supporting pseudoscience in the schools, here's another reason to reject Stein. There's a letter that's been going around for some time, purportedly from Ben Stein. According to Snopes, only part of it is, so I'll just tackle the part that we can assign to Stein's feeble brain.


So that's Ben Stein: not very bright, illogical, and an unthinking mouthpiece for the religious right's dream of declaring America a Christian nation.

Return the money, Al. Tell him, as a friend, to donate it to the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center. If he's really a friend, he won't mind.

Stein's producer got Myers to interview in this movie under false pretenses. Read all about it on Pharyngula here.

Here are some comments:

I wonder if Stein has also given money to Norm Coleman, the sitting Senator from Minnesota Al Franken would run against if he gets the nomination. Coleman is also Jewish, but had changed his last name from Goldman to Coleman to sound more Irish than Jewish.

As for the Designated Hitter Schism, it is still going on. I am an apostate to the True Baseballism, cause I like the DH rule.

Posted by: Mike Haubrich | October 19, 2007 12:35 PM

It's kind of hard to see the exchange as principled on either side.

Pre-Expelled, I'd say that Franken should just thank Ben and be glad that it's as Coleman says, friendship trumping politics. But with Ben getting paid for that hatchet-job against science (even if he undercuts the premise: "he [Ben] said there was a 'very high likelihood' that Darwin was on to something"), and sending $2000 to Al's campaign, one could see this as money from anti-science activities being accepted by Franken's campaign (not that the accounting works out, but that's how people might view it).

One of the two ought to be principled, and the ball's in Al's court now.

Glen D