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Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Campaign Finance Scandal for Hillary Clinton

Eric Black Ink:

Reacting to a story in the LA Times, Eric wrote:

Clinton has raised hundreds of thousands (and when the full tale is told, I expect it will break a million) from New York’s Chinatown, a mostly-poor neighborhood that has never been known for involvement in politics at this level. Many of the donors on the Federal Elections Commission reporting form are listed as waiters, busboys, hairdressers, etc. who seem unlikely sources of $500 to $2,300 campaign contributions.

In a great example of shoe leather reporting, Tom and Peter Nicholas, his partner on this story, went door to door looking for the donors to ask what motivated them to give. They found a great many of the donors do not live at the addresses listed by the FEC reports, many are not registered voters, at least one “donor” said he hadn’t written Clinton a check, and some did not have the legal status (you don’t have to be a citizen or a registered voter, but you do have to be a legal resident alien) to give.

Eric concludes:

My takeaway: With the presidential candidates feeling the need to raise unprecedented huge sums, with the latest version of McCain-Feingold erecting new barriers to some of the old ways of raising it, the Clinton campaign — and I don’t doubt that others are doing similar things — are inventing new subterfuges to smuggle improper campaign money past the legal requirements.

Bill Clinton is coming to Minneapolis to raise money for Hillary. Tickets are very reasonable. Yet they seem to be having trouble selling them:

Dear Eva,

There are just a few days left before President Clinton comes to Minneapolis on Tuesday, and tickets are running out. This is a great chance to meet the former president and to help Hillary Clinton make history.

I'm not missing this event, and neither should you. I hope to see you there!

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Matt Entenza

I went over to the site. Here's the scoop: Tuesday October 23 at 6:00 PM at the State Theater.

What type of tickets would you like?
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