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Monday, October 01, 2007

Blog Odds and Ends

I'm going to be helping with an E-Democracy sponsored workshop on Blogging at the Rondo Library in St Paul.


Common Image/Photo/Video

  • Flickr:
  • Photobucket:
  • Youtube Video:


Blogger Issues:

  • Adding new widgets using Firefox. This will work using IE.

Marketing your blog:

  • Comment on other blogs
  • Post on Elists related to your blog topic
  • Put your blog address on your email signature
  • Put your blog address on a business card
  • Get your blog added to blog portal sites
  • Send tips to higher traffic blogs when you have a post that's in their area of interest

Local Blogger gatherings:

  • Minnesota Organization of Blogs (Righty blogs) - Keegans Pub, Minneapolis, Thursday Nights
  • Drinking Liberally - Liberal Blogs, and liberals - 331 Club, Minneapolis, Thursdays


  • Don't count on not being found out
  • Local Examples: Minnesota Democrats Exposed --> Michael Brodkorb outed when there was a lawsuit, Stillwater Infidel --> Tom Nacey outed by KSTP after he posted personal information about School Bond referendum opponents.
  • National Examples - Stop Sex Predators - blogging about Mark Foley's IMs to pages. After blogger was exposed as Lane Hudson - an employee of the Human Rights Campaign, Hudson lost his job. GayPatriot - was exposed in Washington Blade after posting what appeared to be a terroristic threat.