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Monday, October 29, 2007

Minnetonka Creationist School Board Candidate Bill Wenmark Pads Resume

Creationist Dave Eaton was making the Minnetonka School District known for creationism, something many voters in the district weren't happy with. His buddy on the school board, Bill Wenmark, who also has a voting record in support of creationism, is running for reelection and it turns out he is padding his resume. Lakeshore Weekly News:

When Board Member Bill Wenmark had his turn at the microphone, he congratulated a staff member and his son for running the Twin Cities Marathon, highlighting the efforts of the son who was a third year midshipman at the Naval Academy, his alma mater, Wenmark said.

And when Wenmark submitted information to be published on the school district's soon-to-be redesigned Web site, under education, he listed the U.S. Naval Academy.

To be accepted into the military academy one must be nominated by someone like a U.S. Representative or Senator. The academy requires candidates to have good moral standing and take personality tests, in addition to having rigorous academic standards. Last year it graduated a class of 980.

The U.S. Naval Academy appeared on Wenmark's own campaign Web site and when he was asked by Lakeshore Weekly News to list the highest degree he obtained, he supplied a list titled "Education" and he included, among other institutions, the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

Trouble is, the U.S. Naval Academy's Registrar's Office doesn't show him attending the U.S. Naval Academy, according to a recent phone call.

After being questioned, Wenmark denied claiming the Naval Academy was his alma mater and stated he was not appointed to the Naval Academy. He stated he asked his staff "to make that important correction," Wenmark stated in an e-mail.

He did not return phone calls seeking comment. In e-mails he stated he's camping in Utah, where the phone doesn't work well.

Wenmark stated that he was assigned to the U.S. Naval Academy Hospital for training and duty station.

He went on to state that "all of my education during my service in the United States Navy and Marine Corps was through The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, as noted on my Web site."

His Web site, as of Oct. 19, no longer listed the U.S. Naval Academy, or various other academic institutions, he had submitted to the Lakeshore Weekly News.

This is good fact checking by Brett Sturza.

The election is November 6th. This will be an important election. Upper St Clair, Pennsylvania is a cautionary tale about what happens when people don't pay attention to school board races. In this case, Minnesota's Edwatch (Alan and Julie Quist) exported their poison to Pennsylvania.