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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Hill on the Obama - McClurkin Story

The Human Rights Campaign will get into this one according to the Hill. Obama gay supporters ask why is Obama the only one getting scrutiny.

One active member of the LGBT community who is supporting Obama said that his e-mail inbox has filled with complaints about the controversy.

“I think Barack Obama is between a rock and hard place and I imagine it will get worse not better over the next 48 hours,” said the supporter who declined to speak on the record because he had not made up his mind whether to criticize Obama publicly. “I never heard about [McClurkin] until 36 hours ago. Someone sent me an e-mail of a blog on the Huffington Post. God bless the Internet. Things spread like wildfire.”

The Obama backer said that better staff work could have avoided the political brouhaha.

“It shouldn’t have happened,” he said. “Someone should have known there was a red flag.”

Jimmy Williams, an openly gay Democratic lobbyist who supports Obama, said the media were unfair to criticize Obama without scrutinizing other candidates.

“If the press is going to hold Barack Obama to a certain level of criticism for his ‘anti-gay’ associates then I hope you would do the same to Sen. [Hillary Rodham] Clinton [D-N.Y.] and the Republican candidates,” he said. “For example, Clinton touts a guy named Harold Mayberry who is an African American minister who has publicly said that homosexuality is comparable to thievery. There are plenty examples.

“Why is the spotlight on Barack?” he said. “Let’s play a fair political game.”

Is this a way for the Human Rights Campaign to take their minds off their abysmal failure with ENDA?