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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HRC Hauls Water for HRC

Hillary Rodham Clinton that is.... Cris Crain:

Never mind that Obama isn't even appearing at the event, or that influential conservative black Christians like McClurkin and Mary Mary are supporting a candidate with the strongest gay rights record ever with a serious shot at the White House. For Solmonese and the other HRC flaks jockeying for resume opportunities in a Hillary White House, those details are irrelevant.

Of course by going public with the "threat" -- The Hill story cites unnamed sources -- HRC has already inflicted the damage before the Obama campaign even decides what to do. It's the kind of dirty politics that Mr. Hillary Clinton has always practiced, so no surprise there.

Fortunately for Obama, HRC (the group)'s credibility is already completely shot in the Democratic primary. We have known for a long time now that "the fix was in" at HRC for the other HRC. It's about time the whole thing came out of the closet.

This all shows what a useless organization HRC is. They are very skilled at accomplishing little in the public policy area.

Obama should forget about pandering to HRC, and work through other groups, like the Service Members Defense League (SLDN), the National Black Justice Coalition and Immigration Equality.