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Thursday, October 25, 2007

HRC Not the Brightest

From a comment to Cris Crain's blog:

Smells bad.

HRC is either stupid in dealing with Obama .... or wily smart in dealing with Clinton. You DO NOT give public ultimatums to presidential candidates. (See politics 101).

But now that the Human Rights Campaign has demanded that Obama dump McClurkin, Obama has no choice. He has to keep him. If he dumps McClurkin, it would open him up to the charge of pandering to the gay lobby. To allow a small constituency to dictate what you do, instead of relying on your stated broad principles of how you will govern, would show weakness as well as being controlled by a special interest group.

Obama has to keep McClurkin ..... or (a very unlikely second scenario) McClurkin has to publicly disavow his views and say he has seen the light and owes it to Barack for helping him see truth.

For Obama to tell the gay community that he is not bowing to them may actually enhance his image in the eyes of the overall electorate..... i.e. he will not be bullied around by a special interest group.

If Obama stands up against the Human Rights Campaign ultimatum......and as a result gets gains respect for doing so, look for other gay friendly Democratic candidates to set up a straw situations, simply to go against what the gay lobby wants, just to show independence.

Going to the mat with Obama on this one could be a mistake HRC and gay blogesphere may regret they ever started. We may see a whole slew of candidates trying to defy us, simply for the sake of demonstrating that they are independent of us.

Let's see what happens.

Posted by: Andoni | October 24, 2007 at 11:38 AM


lavndrblue said...

Obama screwed up and so did HRC. Bottom line is, Obama lost my vote.