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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is There Something in the Water in Big Lake?

Earlier this month Police Chief Sean Rifenberick received a written reprimand after he sent pornographic e-mails to two employees.

Letters to the editor at the West Sherburne Tribune are a hoot.

In the recent letter to the editor by Jason Schmidt he mentions that Police Chief Rifenberick is "kissing the butts of council member's so us council Members would feel guilty of firing him."

I want all citizens and readers to know that "I would not lower my pride so low to allow Chief Rifenberick to kiss my butt" I oppose his type of administration, I oppose of his behavior and I oppose the way he treats his staff.

If all you readers and citizens want to see whose butts he is kissing, stop and see me. I will show you emails sent by Chief Rifenberick and his wife to a selected three on the Big Lake City Council; after I complained about this email issue, I was sent a copy by City Administrator Johnson and Mayor Orrock.

Now is it time for Sheriff Anderson to bring his troops to Big Lake ? to save tax dollars and to bring real police administration.

Richard "Dick" Backlund

City Councilman

Big Lake, MN

In another letter, a former officer writes in going after the chief.

Big Lake also elected the infamous Rep. Mark Olson to office.