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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Janet Boynes' Lonely Crusade

Poor Janet tries to spread her personal message that 'I used to be gay. Gay is bad. I'm no longer gay. I am good.', and she's frustrated by the lack of interest, even when she speaks to church groups.

That's a great message for the kids, Janet.

I wonder if churches who invite her to speak also invite guests to talk about turning away from lifestyles of greed, dishonesty, dishonoring parents, not keeping the Sabbath, stealing, idolatry, etc. Why focus on just one sin? There are lots of juicy sins to grab our attention.

This fall I participated in a 5-week, 10 hour Luther Seminary class on the Gospel of John. It was taught be Paul Berge, a professor emeritus of the New Testament. Though I've read John many times on my own, having a great scholar and pastor guide a class of amateurs through the text was a wonderful, inspiring experience.

The purpose of John's Gospel is to explain to the reader who Jesus is, so that the reader will believe, and by believing, the reader will have eternal life. Seven signs, starting with changing water into wine and ending with raising Lazaurus from the dead, are presented in Chapters 2-11 as evidence that Jesus was God's son sent into the world for our redemption.

The only sin referenced in the Gospel of John is the sin of unbelief, i.e. not believing that Jesus was the Messiah. See 6:29-40, 8:24, 8:31-36, 9:35-39 as examples of the emphasis on belief.

The details of Janet's life, before and after her 'lifestyle' conversion, are not any of my business. She attempts to make her version of a faith-based message very, very small, by presenting it in the context of her own experience. It seems that everything we need to know about her is that she's no longer in a gay 'lifestyle', and that's what she offers to the world.

The effectiveness of 'ex gay' (reparative) therapy has never been scientifically verified. According to B.A. Robinson, in an article published by Ontario Consultants on,

There is no published scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of reparative therapy, or documented evidence that someone's sexual preference can be changed by therapy. Therapists who engage in such therapy are exposing their clients to unproven, experimental treatment and some have proven disastrous to the quality of life of the 'client-victims''

Wanna be a pastor, Janet? Go get a seminary degree. Wanna inspire people in a positive way? Stop talking about yourself... your story isn't that interesting. Carefully read the Gospels, and use the teachings of Christ as your guide. Save your own story for Jerry Springer.


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Yes, this lady is a complete fraud! She talks about how she "became gay". People do not "become gay" as a result of some screwed up incestful household. People who are gay have felt that way since before they were aware what "gay" meant. She goes before Congress and shoots off completely absurd statistics while stuttering and making a complete fool of herself. She even admits that she didn't become interested in women until she was in college and even still didn't act until after she could no longer take the loneliness felt as a result of her racer fiance (a man) being on the road all of the time. She claimed she wasn't in the church, but supposedly there was a minister that she and her "girlfriend" were comfortable enough with to speak to about the subject of marriage and that pastor marrying the two of them. Her life seems to be far more about overcoming drugs and abuse than it has anything to do with being gay, but since homosexuality and religion is the hot topic these days, that's what she's speaking about. I believe this woman is misguiding and misrepresenting, and one day those who have listened to her will be in a far worse place than they were prior to her existence in their lives. Anyone who will exploit your for their own self gratification is no child of God. Beware!