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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Janet Boynes Whines About Her Anti-Gay Ministry Getting Challenged

Over on Truth North here.

My talk was received very well by some teens, and others were all for homosexual acceptance. The pastor’s daughter supports loving the unlovely, which I thought was great. But one girl felt that I shouldn’t speak against homosexuality. I explained I was not speaking against homosexuals, but sharing my story on how God called me out of darkness and into the light. (1Peter 2:9). She felt that she was called to support gays and help them accept their lifestyle, and who was I to tell her differently. I was saddened because our kids are growing up with the message that homosexuality is okay. The only alternatives they might find is at their church, or from their parents. Their schools believe in tolerance and trying to fit into groups that will accept them.

In other words, Janet Boynes wants kids who are gay to grow up thinking that being gay is evil. Andy Birkey puts her in her place.

Boynes says in her brochure, "A big factor that drew me into a lesbian lifestyle was the abuse I witnessed and experienced as a child in my life." She tried relationships with men and was even engaged. But she says it was her fear of men that led her to have relationships with women.

Boynes also was involved in drugs, cheated on her girlfriend, suffered from depression and an eating disorder. She said she wanted to leave that "lesbian lifestyle."

But abuse and a chaotic childhood are not the causes of lesbianism. Drugs, infidelity, eating disorders and depression are not intrinsically connected with being a lesbian or having a "lesbian lifestyle." Abuse and a chaotic childhood can lead to drug abuse, chaotic relationships, eating disorders and depression, however.

Could it be that many in the church Boynes spoke at knew that these negative behaviors are not a defining characteristic of lesbians? Perhaps members of the church know lesbians who haven't suffered the terrible and unfortunate experiences that Boynes did, and have stable, drug free, happy lives?

Boynes was concerned because one young woman challenged her evangelism. Boynes recalls, "She felt that she was called to support gays and help them accept their lifestyle, and who was I to tell her differently. I was saddened because our kids are growing up with the message that homosexuality is okay."

The reality is that for many homosexuality is okay. The message that Boynes evangelizes, that freeing oneself from the gay or lesbian "lifestyle" will end "suffering" depends on the audience enduring some sort of suffering in the first place. Gays and lesbians enjoying relatively happy and well-adjusted lives have no need to be freed, and theirs are the deaf ears on which messages like Boynes' often fall.

It's interesting that Boynes is active politically in preventing rights for LGBT people. Her references reflect a who's who of public figures who work to prevent LGBT people from pursuing happiness in the first place. Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann gives a glowing reference, as does Pastor Mac Hammond of Living Word Christian Center and Minnesota Family Council President Tom Prichard. Her message is that gay and lesbian people suffer. At the same time she works politically to ensure suffering by preventing gay and lesbian equality. It's a great model for achieving job security.

Well put. True North has some fringe contributors - Tom Swift and Janet Boynes.


Anonymous said...

Janet Boynes wants to see people delivered from that sin which is no more or no worse than any sin but nonetheless SIN and will separate one from God if they do not turn from. It is about love in her that I felt as I read her testimony. She had been there, done that and was delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ and His love for all mankind. I remain anonymous because I love all people and I want to keep those doors open as I minister to many people - of all walks. Although I never was homosexual I was a drinker, a partyer and other things so I was delivered too. If you are not born again, look to Jesus. You will glad you walk into His open arms - try Him - you will see!

Anonymous said...

Good points. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints. Being lesbian or gay is not synonymous to living a life of drug-abuse, adultery, backsliding, etc. I think the people that believe that must really take a leap of "I'm not going to think, just believe" faith. I do wish that people would put to use their god-given brains a little more often.