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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Mob Parrot is Pwned

Mitch Berg and his booze-soaked pals in the MOB have been having a cow lately.

Berg thinks he has a big scoop on me:

"I’ve also pretty much dismissed Ken Weiner, AKA “Ken Avidor”. I dismiss him because he’s pretty dismissable. A former art director at a pr0n mag even other pr0n merchants giggle at with derision..."

Berg links to an art review that mentions that I was the Art Director of Screw Magazine back in the mid 1980's....(big yawn).

The first Screw Art Director was Steve Heller who went on to become the NYT Book Review Art Director:

Steven Heller is editor of the AIGA Journal of Graphic Design and the chair of the MFA design department at the School of Visual Arts. He is the author or editor of more than seventy books on graphic design, and he is a contributor or contributing editor to nearly 25 magazines, including Print, U&lc, Eye Magazine, Communications Arts, ID magazine, Graphis, Design Issues, and Mother Jones. Since 1986 he has been senior art director of the New York Times, which he first joined as an art director in 1974. From 1967-1973, he served as art director for numerous publications, including Interview magazine, The New York Free Press, Rock Magazine, Screw magazine, Mobster Times, Evergreen Review, and the Irish Arts Center.

He was awarded three design grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, in 1986,1988, and 1990. In 1996, he received a Special Educators Award from The Art Director's Club of New York. He has been the curator of ten design exhibitions, including "The Art of Satire" at the Pratt Graphics Center and "Art Against War" at the Parsons School of Design. Since 1986, he has directed "Modernism & Eclecticism: A History of American Graphic Design," an annual symposium at the School of Visual Arts. He lives in New York.

Heller even wrote about working for Screw in the Times Book Review last year:

As for me, had I not been Screw’s art director, and been given the freedom and encouragement to learn my craft, I would not have gotten my job at The New York Times.

The publisher of Screw Al Goldstein helped expand 1st Amendment Rights in the days when you could get arrested for talking dirty in public. The court cases Goldstein's lawyers fought and won set precedents that help protect obscenity-slinging bloggers like Mitch Berg and his pals.

Like Heller, I have no problem saying I worked for Al Goldstein.

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Rhino-itall said...

Good for you.

DJ Danielson said...

I enjoyed Al Goldstein's cameo in Toxic Avenger IV as spokesman for Ron Jeremy, playing a bit part as Mayor.

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

So, Ken, how does it feel to be attacked solely based on your past associations? Maybe you should stop doing it yourself...