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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Norm Coleman Irritates Base Again

This time it's his call to increase the cigar tax with SCHIP.

PS. Norm Coleman voted to raise the tax on my cigars to $3 after lying to me in a letter saying that those provisions had been removed. Can anyone blame me if I don't work too hard to get this asshole re-elected?

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I'd be interested to see the letter where Norm Coleman lied about this provision.

Tracy adds to his post in the comments:


Apples and Oranges.

I walk over broken glass to vote against Hillary. I'll probably pull the lever for Norm if he's the choice.

BUT! I won't send him money, I won't make phone calls for him and I won't distribute literature.

You can't expect me to lie and say that I support the asshole when I don't.

If he loses it's his fault, not mine. He drove away his base and then will come back to MN and expect us to work for a candidate we despise?

Sorry, it ain't gonna happen.

The Democrats won last time beause the Republicans pissed all over the base. Norm is doing the same thing now.
Tracy Eberly

The only thing I see Normy has going for him is his hot, long legged, large breasted wife. HCF material!
gary | 10.31.07 - 11:30 am |

Maxx...I will will walk over broken glass and hot lava to vote against Shrillary and her mis-guided push to get the USA to turn into a socialist/communist country. But, what I won't do any longer is vote for RINO's simply because they have the "R" next to their name. Their time has come and gone and we need to stop voting for them as if there is any different between the RINO and the democrats.

If we are going to have a democrat lite in office, then we might as well have a democrat in office.

The same notice goes out to TPaw and any/every other RINO that is out there.
Brent | Homepage | 10.31.07 - 11:48 am

Norm Coleman has always had one overriding principle: Norm Coleman.