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Sunday, October 21, 2007

NY Times Commenters on Obama Getting Anti-Gay Singer McGurkin at a Campaign Event

Read them all here.

October 20th,
10:08 pm

Ruth Bethinger #14 Said:

“Obama is right to remind religious folks that there are moral causes worth fighting for other than stopping gays and abortions.”

And then Sharon #27 Said:

Absolutely right. Well said.

Are you two SERIOUS with this? Are you actually saying that fighting gay rights is a moral cause worth fighting for?

So this is the opinion of people who Support Obama?

I am a member of the United Church of Christ, the same denomination as Obama. I saw him speak at our General Synod in Hartford, CT earlier this year. I was leaning heavily in his direction until now. The fact that he will take the stage with a person who condemns gay people and claims that that can and should be changed through prayer and the fact that so many here thing that fighting gay rights is a positive moral endeavor, does it for me.

Now I wouldn’t support the man for Dog Catcher. He is a disgrace to our denomination. He should leave the UCC and join the Southern Baptist Church where people like Sharon and Ruth and Donnie McClurkin believe that gay people are immoral and should be “healed” from their “sin” and denied their civil rights until they do.

I’m disappointed and disgusted by this on SOOO many levels!

— Posted by Zeke

October 21st,
12:06 am

Zeke @ #37: You’ve got to be kidding me. Obama is making the point that values and morals extend to issues other than abortion and gay issues. Do you want Obama to only talk to those who agree with him on every issue?
What’s next? Obama should shun those religious people who disagree with his pro-choice position?

Get a grip.

— Posted by Gilberto Gil
October 21st,
1:28 am

Some of you are getting waaay too uset about McClurkin’s stance on gays. Try to remember that this is a guy who (aside from having fought and beaten leukemia) grew up being sexually abused by his cousin and uncle and probably had quite a few issues with sexual identity for most of his adult life because of it. Given the situation, a little bit of patience and tolerance might be in order.

Given that this was a concert venue, I’m pretty sure he was picked more for the fact that he’s a Grammy winner and popular among people who like his music without being completely aware of his political beliefs. I can’t stand Denis Miller’s political beliefs, but I still think he’s pretty funny.

— Posted by Bryan - Miami, FL
October 21st,
5:19 am

Zeke, #37, I’m sorry you misunderstood my post and the other person’s followup. When I said “Obama is right to remind religious folks that there are moral causes worth fighting for other than stopping gays and abortions”, I was pointing out that the religious right defines “moral causes” to be about gays and abortion (maybe I should have put it in quotations). They are wrong.

Obama is right to challenge that false definition of moral causes that the media pushes thanks to the religious right. Real moral causes include tending to the health of every American and protecting our environment. And from everything I know about Obama, he is far from a bigot on gay rights, and I am confused as to the overreaction.

Remember, Obama has been the one candidate that goes into the lion’s den and tells the lion to stop eating the zebras. Here’s he’s going to socially-conservative Christians and telling them that they should reconsider the lessons they’re taking from their faith. He spoke about tough environmental laws (to Detroit automakers) and on huge corporate profits (to wall street).

I know the knee jerk reaction is to say “why is he in the lion’s den - is he working for the lion now?” and the answer is no, he’s the only one brave enough to face the lion.

— Posted by Ruth Bethinger

The question is whether the Obama campaign was aware of McGurkin's history when they booked him.