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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OutFront Minnesota To Encourage Gays and supporters to Call Congress to Oppose ENDA

I requested comment from OutFront Minnesota about Speaker Nancy Pelosi's commitment to bring the inclusive version of ENDA up to a floor vote as soon as the votes are there. In her statement, Pelosi also said that the version of ENDA that includes gays - but not transgenders (3685) will be marked up on October 18.

This will be the same version of ENDA that's been introduced until this year.

I emailed OutFront Minnesota for comment on this point:

Specifically, will OutFront be encouraging it's members to contact members of congress to oppose HR 3685 - since Pelosi has indicated this will move forward? There was some rhetoric from some gay organizations saying that they would oppose any version of ENDA without transgenders included.

Eva Young for Lloydletta's Nooz

Office of the Speaker
Hon. Nancy Pelosi
H-232, The Capitol

October 12, 2007

Drew Hammill said, "In her 20-year career in Congress, the Speaker
has been a strong advocate in the fight to end discrimination against
all LGBT Americans.

"The Speaker has committed to passing the broadest ENDA bill possible.

"As the Speaker told the audience at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner on Saturday, 'Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin and others will do the inside maneuvering. But we cannot succeed without outside mobilization. Working together, we will mobilize, and educate. Each and every one of us must take personal responsibility for passing the strongest possible ENDA – one vote at a time.'

"The House will move forward on H.R. 3685, however the Speaker is committed to passing a fully-inclusive bill once it is proven that the commitments to pass the legislation exist."

4 days later, Jo Marsicano, OutFront Minnesota's Communications Director responded:

Yes - that will be in our E-news coming out tomorrow.

There's an excellent report of where things stand now on this at the Gay People's Chronicle.