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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Videos of Grand Rounds Meeting in NE Mpls

Tom Johnson managed the public process for the 35W Access Project. Now, Tom Johnson is in charge of the public process for the Mpls Park Board's Grand Rounds Project.

The Grand Rounds Project, it seems is not without controversy:

Some Como residents were vocal at a September public input meeting about their opposition to a route that would bulldoze a large number of homes in the neighborhood. Some officials have said they’re steering away from that route. “We could design a parkway that would take very little or no houses. We could do that if people are willing to reduce the expectation of the parkway itself,” said Johnson.

Connie Sullivan, who lives in Como and serves on the CAC, said she’s pro-Grand Rounds, but is against any plan that would demolish homes in the neighborhood. Part of the reason that some Como residents were so outspoken at the meeting, she said, was because many community members feel they’ve been cut out of the process. In recent years, “Como has been besieged by decisions made by the city without consulting people here. It really indicates that the neighborhood is dispensable,” she said.

I made the following 2-part video to document how Tom Johnson runs the public process for this project and why he gets so many citizens angry and frustrated: