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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Al Franken is Annoying

I believe I've grabbed this one before the Drama Queen got it. DJ Danielson says it well:

Al Franken: Uh oh, I better put on the protective armor before MDE pulls quotes from me. Just kidding, of course. Franken is someone who bugs me in the sense that he comes across as someone who always needs to be the “rockstar,” which is understandable considering his celebrity past but isn’t what all people want in a US Senator. Other things that bugged me about Franken during the debate: putting his hands on other candidates (just made him look controlling), tossing it to Ciresi a couple of times when it was his turn to answer (as if he was the moderator), all of the “I know so-and-so in a certain situation and I’m going to use two-and-a-half minutes telling that story and 30 seconds giving my position” stories, and his use of so many jokes. I know he’s a comedian and the use of jokes gets people to laugh and like him, but does nothing to prove to me personally that he is a the best candidate for this job. One joke that did work was was the Richard Pearle reference to point out why a cabinet level department of peace wouldn’t work, but continuing to make fun of things like George W. Bush’s public speaking ability doesn’t help him. Any College Democrat can do that; we need something more out of a US Senate candidate.

Franken's type of humor isn't the type I am really into. When he spoke in Becker he made a huge point of talking about the importance of Chemical Dependency treatment programs, then he made a joke about Rush Limbaugh. We all know about Rush Limbaugh and the Oxycontin, but it takes away from Franken's so-called concern with those who struggle with chemical dependency.