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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Creationist School Board Candidate Bill Wenmark Gets Defeated

I've written about creationist Minnetonka school board candidate Bill Wenmark a few times before.

PZ Myers wrote about him as did Greg Laden:

In a separate scenario, Eaton ended up on the Minnetonka School Board, where he claimed to be an expert on the science standards, having been one of the guys trying to ruin the standards while serving on the committee. During a review process in which Minnetonka was trying to get their standards a) in line with the new state standards and b) adapt them locally and expand them appropriately, Eaton made the claim that he could do a better job than anyone on the planet in interpreting the science standards that he “helped to write.”

His interpretation, of course, was to include wording that would leave open the door to teaching creationism. He took a page right out of the Discovery Institutes’s “Wedge Strategy” … the “teach the controversy” tactic.

This was a kind of straw-that-broke-the-camel’s back for many Minnesotans, and a number of concerned citizens got together and did battle over this, and won. He was humiliated and lost his bid to insert religion into science class.

A local group called Tonka Focus came to the rescue during this period, helping to organize resistance and to get information out there.

Eaton had an ally on the Minnetonka School Board, a gentleman named Bill Wenmark. Wenmark is now running for re-election to the school board. I believe that Bill Wenmark is genuinely interested in politics, government, and in making a contribution to society through his service. However, it appears that he, like Eaton, is in favor of including Intelligent Design in the Curriculum at the least in the form of “teaching the controversy”

I wish I'd seen these posts before, because I would have mentioned them before the election.

Kudos to the Minnetonka Voters who voted for School Board candidates who are committed to strong Science Education rather than IDiocy.

Support of creationism is political poison once it's exposed. Often creationists run as stealth candidates, and it's important to expose them. Tonka Focus did a good job of this with Wenmark.