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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Does Fawning LTE Writer Work for Developer Jerry Trooien, and Promote the Developer's Project in a LTE?

Jerry Trooien is the developer who is after hundreds of millions in subsidies for the Bridges project in St Paul.

I've heard that Kurt Williamson who wrote a fawning letter about Jerry Trooien in the Pioneer Press Saturday is employed by JLT Group Inc., Trooien's company.

St. Paul needs Trooien

Who is this Paul Bartlett who misrepresents and misunderstands The Bridges of Saint Paul project ("Bridges decision showed sense," Nov. 8)? He says Jerry Trooien and his fellow St. Paulites owe the mayor and city council a great big thank-you because "the city would owe more than $100 million of TIF debt that it would never collect ...". The city would never owe anything for the TIF if the project was built and even if there were defaults. Mr. Bartlett also says, "Trooien would be sitting on top of more than a thousand vacant condos ...". Mr. Bartlett has no idea how the project would be financed. Those condos would never be built without significant pre-sales. Mr. Bartlett has no clue as to whether this project was "ill-conceived."

As for Jerry Trooien, he seems to be the best hope this city has for someone with brains, guts and the know-how to make things happen.

St. Paul

There is a Kurt Williamson listed on JLT's website as a property manager.

Is this the same Kurt Williamson that works for Jerry Trooien? If so, his employer's name should have been noted in the letter.

The Pioneer Press normally catches this sort of thing when they publish letters to the editor. They pointed out that I wrote for the Dump Bachmann blog, when they published a LTE by me about Bachmann.